Ladies and Gents:

I had the opportunity to review a set of night sights from AmeriGlo and thought I would share the results here:

Brand - AmeriGlo
Model - Pro I-dot
MSRP - 120.00 (Can be found for less if you shop around)
Host gun - S&W Shield 9mm

IMPORTANT! - AmeriGlo Strongly recommends professional installation and will not warrant sights that are damaged due to improper installation, abuse, or neglect.

These sights use Trijicon inserts and are clearly marked. They have a nice balanced glow that is not overpowering but really begins to come out in low light situations when the sights could normally begin to wash out.


Two dot configuration - I love the Heine or straight 8 configuration instead of the 3 dots. It seems more natural and seems to make target acquisition faster

High visibility front post - I really like that the front dot has a high visibility red/orange ring around it to greatly increase visibility in daytime hours.

Excellent customer service.


I had/have some concerns about the durability of the front sight post. I have installed several sets of night sights in the past and have always used a brass punch to very carefully drift the sights into place. However when I installed these I found that the next night the front sight was approximately half the brightness it initially had been and the following night was almost completely dark.

After reaching out to AmeriGlo and providing pics and an explanation they replaced the front sight for me and explained that this is not the norm but explained that they do recommend the use of a sight pusher instead of the use of a punch.


Even with the issue with the front sight I am still going to give this one 5/5 stars and would recommend these to anyone looking for night sights.