“Special” Session Set For June 24.

Kate Brown has called for a “special session” starting June 24th.
It appears at this time that there will be NO budget bills but plenty of “police accountability” bills considered.
Most Democrats have been very supportive of recent anti-police demonstrations while still warning us to wear masks and stay away from crowds.
Any pretense of reason and objectivity has been abandoned.
The same people who are calling for the “defunding” or outright abolition of police forces are demanding that your right to defend yourself and your family evaporate. We have seen the outcome of state support of looting and rioting and there is no reason to believe it is going to get better anytime soon.
Democrat Rob Wagner, the new Senate Majority Leader, said:
We have the opportunity to listen to our colleagues in the People of Color Caucus and the tens of thousands of Oregonians calling for an end to police brutality and systemic racism. We must start that work now.”
Democrat House Speaker Tina Kotek said:
“And, across the state, we’ve seen the public take to the streets for weeks demanding police accountability reforms to address the tragic prevalence of police brutality and racial injustice in our society.”
So far we have not seen a word from any elected Democrat condemning the massive destruction caused by those demanding an end to “brutality”.
It’s become undeniable that the people in power are supporting the violence that we have seen in Oregon’s cities, and that’s what will make a “special session” so dangerous.
While we always expect the majority (with a few turncoat Republicans) to use every opportunity to ram through new attacks on your rights, this “special” session will not even have the normal procedures for the public to monitor the actions of the legislature.
The Capitol building is still closed to the public and there will be no opportunity for live public testimony.
The ruling party is NOT limited in any way in terms of what bills they can promote and ram through.
We know they are still furious that they were unable to force more dangerous gun bans through in the last regular session because of the Republican walkout.
The Governor has made no secret of her desire for “revenge” nor has she hidden her allegiance to the rioters.*
While attempted gun sales are at an all time high, Oregon’s “instant” background check system is in the worst shape ever as most of the employees who work the “Firearms Instant Check System” unit are “working from home” with no reliable access to the system. Those attempting to buy guns are facing up to 5000 people ahead of them in the “queue.”
So, while law enforcement in many places is standing down, the law abiding are struggling to have the means to defend their homes.
This “perfect storm” of events has created the most perilous situation in memory.
OFF will be doing everything in our power to monitor events in Salem, but the circumstances we are facing are unprecedented.
We have to assume that the Democrats will be taking advantage of the current chaos to force their radical agenda.* We strongly urge you to take whatever steps you deem necessary to keep yourself and family safe.
We’ll keep you informed.
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