Today all Republican Senators except Jackie Winters returned to the Senate Floor.
As you know, Republican Senator Tim Knopp had been joining the Democrats while the rest of the Republicans walked out to protest several very dangerous bills. (Oddly NRA reported that Knopp and Democrat Senator Betsy Johnson had joined the walk out. That was not true.)
Winters was excused, no doubt for medical reasons.
On a straight party line vote, the Democrats passed HB 3427, a massive tax increase on Oregon’s small businesses.* They will now be taxed on their “gross” income over 1 million dollars. That means they may face taxes that are more than what they actually made.
The good news is that in exchange for agreeing to return for this vote, the Senate President, Peter Courtney, agreed to kill two bills. One of which was SB 978, the omnibus anti-gun bill.
Your activism is the reason for this. Good job to all of you who worked so hard.
But don’t start celebrating just yet. Anti-rights zealot Senator Ginny Burdick promised that gun grabbing bills would fail “over my dead body” and the last time we checked Burdick was still with us. Rest assured she will be doing everything she can to revive at least some of the onerous elements of* SB 978.
But at least for now it appears your hard work paid off.
Thank you.
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