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    Gun Protection Ballot Measure Signatures Turned In!


    We are pleased to inform you that today the first set of signatures was turned in for our ballot measure to protect common firearms.
    1000 valid signatures were needed to get a “ballot title” from the Attorney General. Approximately 2000 signatures were turned in.

    Firearms Protection Signatures Delivered to Secretary of State

    This measure is a constitutional amendment that would prevent the regulation of common firearms by the state or by ballot measure. It would prevent restrictions on firearms because of their action type, stock configuration, or magazine capacity among other safeguards.
    The AG now has ten days to write a ballot title which will appear in the voters’ guide in the 2020 election. The measure was very, very carefully crafted to get the very best ballot title possible, but given our AG’s open hostility toward gun owners, we are still expecting a fight.
    Only after all disputes over the ballot title are settled will we be able to start collecting the signatures we need for the next phase. The number of signatures required will be a percentage of the number of votes cast for governor in 2018.
    With new* and well funded groups forming to attack your rights, this ballot measure is critical to preventing the gun grabbers from banning virtually all firearms.
    “Wessinger and his backers talk of State of Safety as a missing voice in Oregon’s often fractious debate over firearms.”
    While the leaders of this new anti-gun group have not said where they will get their money, they have close ties to New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg whose tentacles are all over Oregon politics.
    Because of how broad the protections in this measure are, you can rest assured that we will be facing the full force of opposition from rights hating billionaires on both coasts. This is going to be a long, ugly and expensive battle with well funded extremists pulling out all the stops to* defeat us.
    There is a long road ahead, but we have taken the first steps. Please consider the most generous support you can afford to put an end to the kind of dangerous attacks we saw in Measures 43 and 44.
    You can support us using this link or through PAYPAL with the “Donate” button on this page.
    Thank you for your support and activism and thanks to all who helped us get this far by gathering and turning in the signatures we needed for this first step.

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    Thank you for the information....

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