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    Ballot Title Challenges Filed

    Yesterday OFF attorneys filed two challenges to the ballot title for IP43, the “inter-hate” gun confiscation measure.
    Measure 43 would ban the purchase, sale or transfer of most modern rifles and shotguns, countless handguns and even some lever action rifles.
    Owners of the firearms would be required to submit to another background check to keep them, “register” or “reregister” them with the State Police and store them in a manner approved by OSP.
    Magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds would also be prohibited from purchase, sale or transfer and these too would have to be “registered” with the police.
    Once “registered” the firearms and magazines cited in the measure would only be allowed to be used at approved ranges.* You could not hunt or sport shoot with them and you could not use them for self defense outside the home.
    Persons moving into the state with banned firearms or magazines would have to surrender them to the state. There would be no provision for “registration” only confiscation.
    The penalty for possessing an unregistered firearm or magazine would be a felony punishable by 10 years in prison and fines of $250,000.00.
    According to the Oregonian, the petitioners … have leaders of Jewish congregations, black churches, liberal-leaning Protestant denominations and Islamic mosques on board.”
    The Oregonian also reports .*The Oregon Supreme Court can also expedite the process at the justices’ discretion by shortening response deadlines or bypassing oral arguments, given that the signature deadline is near.”
    Previous reviews of ballot titles have taken from 49 to 150 days. But the Supreme Court has already agreed to a time table that favors the petitioners and hurts our side.
    As you know, these essential legal battles are expensive. And we are not done yet. IP 43 is only one of two right’s-smashing anti-gun measures filed for the 2018 election. IP 44 would require that any firearm you own be locked and inaccessible for self defense unless you were actually carrying it.
    It would hold you responsible for any damage done with one of your firearms for five years if your gun was stolen and you could not prove it had a “cable” or “trigger” lock on it.
    This is turning into a very ugly year for Oregonians who dare to exercise their God-given, constitutional rights. But we have no choice but to face down the hateful bigots who would use a mob to deny you a fundamental right.
    The other side has billionaires on their side. All we have is you.
    Please consider contributing to our efforts to keep Oregon safe and free.
    You can donate to the battle here.

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    Thank you to OFF for their efforts on our behalves, My wife and I just joined OFF today (though we had been on the mailing list for awhile) and I will be speaking with my Inlaws who have expressed interest in supporting pro 2A causes (my mother in law has asked for my help in signing up with the NRA but I'll be trying to steer her towards OFF or at the very least into joining both).

    Now for the big question, I'm dirt poor. For me 25$ is actually a decent amount of money. In fact the money I spent in joining OFF was the money that I had budgeted for ammo this month (but what good is a single range trip if I can't ever go again in the future without fear of my firearms being confiscated).

    So what can I do to help OFF besides talking to friends and family? Will contacting my representatives do anything ? Since this is a ballot initiative I wonder if anything could even be done by them. I really want to help but I don't do social media really but I'm willing to dirty my hands with it if it would actually help matters.

    Anyways once again thank you to OFF for fighting the good fight and If there are ways my wife and I can help serve the cause of liberty in Oregon please let us know.

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