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    Gun Ban Ballot Measure Update


    As you probably know, signatures were turned in today to start the process to put a measure on the ballot to ban modern firearms and magazines and make felons out of thousands of law abiding Oregonians.
    First, understand that this is not a “bill” and will not be voted on or determined by the governor or legislators. This will be decided by a vote of the people. That is why it is critical that you be registered to vote.
    The measure, which you can see here, even bans things that don’t exist like “threaded barrels that accept forward pistol grips.”
    We want to let you know what to expect and how you can help stop this madness.
    After these initial signatures are turned in, the Secretary of State must validate the signatures to determine if there are sufficient qualifying signatures to get a “draft” ballot title.
    Then the Attorney General has to create an “impartial” draft ballot title.
    After that happens the public will have an opportunity to make comments on the draft ballot title.
    For example, if the draft ballot title is “Bans Assault Weapons” a member of the public could object because “assault weapon” is a fictitious term.
    The Attorney General* must then consider these comments and* issue a “certified” ballot title.
    Given how far left our Attorney General is, you can rest assured it will be misleading at best.
    At that point, anyone who submitted comments has standing to challenge the ballot title before Oregon’s Supreme Court.
    The signature gathering process to actually get the confiscation measure on the ballot cannot begin until this process has run its course.
    As this measure moves we will provide you with details of dates and procedures to comment, and if you choose, challenge the title in court.
    If you want to see all the details of the process, please download this manual.
    Stay tuned. There is a lot of work to do to prevent wholesale confiscations by the state.
    If you wish to donate to help stop this measure you can do so here.
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    response from Oregon SOS

    Oregon SOS responded to my email re: potential improper registration of a petition for amendment basically inquiring about the proper registration of a new petition being possibly invalid if the chief petition signers may be in violation of 501c3 status. I have also filed complaints against all three chief signers with IRS for 501c3 violations.

    "Dear Jerry (Redacted):

    Thank you for your email and sending your concerns to our office. Under ORS 260.345, the Elections Division has authority to investigate allegations of violations of election law under ORS chapters 246 to 260. Our office does not regulate activities by 501(c)(3) organizations based on their status as such.

    A link to our website where you can find our manuals discussing various state election laws is here: Oregon Secretary of State: Manuals and Tutorials

    Contact information for the Charitable Activities Section of the Oregon Department of Justice can be found here: https://www.doj.state.or.us/charitable-activities/.

    If you believe a violation of Oregon state election law has occurred, and if you are intending to file a formal complaint, under Oregon Revised Statute 260.345(1), the complaint must come from a person registered to vote in Oregon and it must be signed. This has been interpreted as requiring a physical signature, as opposed to an electronic signature, and it must come from a person registered to vote in Oregon. You could print out your email and supporting documentation, sign and scan the document, and send it back to our office via email to [email protected], or via regular US mail to 255 Capitol St. NE Suite 501, Salem, OR 97310-1342.


    Michelle Teed
    Oregon Elections Division
    Phone: (503) 986-2341
    Email: [email protected]"

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