HB 4145 is scheduled to be voted on tomorrow in the Oregon House.
If passed, this bill would allow anyone you have ever had an “intimate relationship” with to demand that your firearms be confiscated.
As you know from a previous alert, people who make false allegations of abuse face very little chance of being prosecuted for their crimes. That’s what makes this bill so dangerous. If you are accused, you are guilty.
Republicans Richard Vial and Andy Olson joined the gun grabbers and voted for this bill in committee assuring it would go to the floor for a vote.
You may want to take a moment to express your outrage that they would vote to attack the rights of the people who elected them to appease the anti-rights left that controls the Oregon Legislature.
You may also want to urge Republican Leader Mike McLane to do all he can to assure that no more Republicans abandon their constituents and vote for this nonsense.
But please take just one moment to send a message to the whole House that you oppose this senseless and dangerous assault on your rights, your freedom, and common sense.
Take action here.
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