The House Judiciary Committee* heard*HB 4145 *today .
After two hours of testimony led by the Governor (who requested this bill) they held off a vote until Friday.
That means you have time to contact them one more time and express your opposition to this dangerous legislation.
This bill will expand the definition of “family member” to anyone you have ever had an “intimate relationship” with in your entire life. Those people will now be able to request orders that prohibit you from owning a firearm!
The law punishes people who comply with stalking and restraining orders. It’s just plain nuts.
We know these orders are used to harass people and are often based on false allegations, we also know judges in Oregon rubber stamp them and virtually no one is ever prosecuted for providing false information.
The clock is ticking but there is still time to voice your opposition.
You can still send testimony against HB 4145 to:
[email protected] .
You can take instant action against the bill by clicking on this link*.
Please do it now.
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