In a move that will surprise no one who has been paying attention for the last 30 years, the National Rifle Association has joined left wing legislators and establishment Republicans and called for still more restrictions on your gun rights.
Following the disclosure that “bump fire” stocks may have been used by the killer in the Las Vegas massacre, the NRA said :
“Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.”
Of course they comply with Federal law but the NRA lost no time jumping on board the gun control band wagon to demand that your rights be further eroded.
It would be easy to say that these stocks are not very useful, that it is very difficult to use them with any accuracy and they largely turn money into noise. But that’s not the point. Rest assured, the demands by the gun banners will not stop there, and now, once again, the NRA is giving comfort to the enemy in a display of ignorance and cowardice.
The fact is that banning these devices will have zero effect on anyone’s safety. For one thing, almost the same amount of carnage could have been created without them. Furthermore, with a bit of practice, a shooter can “bump fire” a rifle with NO modifications.
In fact, in a 2004 letter from Sterling Nixon, chief of BATF’s Firearms Technology Branch, Nixon determined that a shoelace was a machine gun. Yes a shoelace.
The letter said:
” In 1996,FTB examined and classified a 14 inch long shoestring with a loop at each end. The string was attached to the cocking handle of a semi-automatic rifle and was looped around the trigger and attached to the shooter’s finger. The device caused the weapon* to fire repeatedly until finger pressure was released from the string. Because this item was designed and intended to convert a semi-automatic rifle into a machine gun, FTB determined that is was a machinegun as defined in 26 U.S.C. 5845 (b)”
They won’t stop at stocks.
The killer could not have used bump fire stocks if he did not use rifles. Why not ban them?
Rest assured it’s not just novelty accessories the gun grabbers, with the help of the NRA, are after.
Now is not the time to start caving.* The NRA’s almost immediate capitulation was to be expected. In the coming days and months, there will be no end to* efforts to ban modern firearms and standard magazines and we don’t expect to have much help from the people who declared that no one should have the ability to protect themselves in places that serve alcohol… after the bloody “Pulse” massacre. The same people who declared that nobody, no teacher, no school staff, no parent should be allowed to be armed in a school except uniformed police.
The endless and predictable comments about nobody “needing” this firearm or that accessory must not blind us to the fact that our rights are our rights and need no explanation or justification.
If you are an NRA member, now would be a good time to tell them plainly that you are not going to accept them crawling into bed with the gun grabbers.
On another note, today was the deadline to turn in signatures to refer SB 719, the Brian Boquist gun confiscation bill, to the ballot. Unfortunately the effort fell short.
In a press release, the committee to repeal SB 719 stated :
“It wasn’t for lack of support.* We just simply did not have enough time.* I blame Governor Kate Brown for that,” said Chief Petitioner Mike Nearman, who is also a State Representative from House District 23.
According to Article IV of the Oregon Constitution, petitioners have 90 days from the end of the Legislative Session in which the bill was passed, which was July 7, 2017.* However, they cannot begin to gather signatures until the Governor signs the bill, which was not until August 15, 2017.
“The foot-dragging by Governor Brown cost us 39 of our 90 days.* To make matters worse, she signed the bill on the Friday before the eclipse, so that cost us an extra three days.* There was no reason to do this other than to keep us from gathering signatures and keep this issue from a vote of the people,” said State Representative Bill Post of House District 25, also a Chief Petitioner.”
Once again, the committee got no help from the NRA who refused to even acknowledge the effort.
It would have cost the NRA nothing to alert their members about this effort and direct them to the committee’s website, as Gun Owners of America did. But, as always, the NRA would rather “work with” gun grabbers than confront them. *Thanks to everyone who signed a petition and rest assured that battle is not over.
We are in for a long, tough fight. We have seen how little we can expect from NRA. If you want to help us stand up to the coming attacks, please consider supporting our efforts. You can contribute here. Thank you.

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