Today Mike Strickland was sentenced for the crime of defending himself against a mob of Portland’s state protected thugs.
If you are not familiar with the story, you can catch up here.
Mike was sentenced to 40 days in jail, community service, probation and fines. He has had his right to work as a videographer stripped from him for reasons no one can logically explain.
He is currently homeless.
Yes, it could have been far worse. For defending himself, Mike was facing 50 years in prison.
The Multnomah County DA and the “judge” made no secret of their vendetta against a conservative journalist who has, for years, exposed the lies and hypocrisy of the left in Oregon. D.A. Rod Underhill refused to prosecute a leftist thug (Skye Ftizgerald) who attacked, injured, and robbed Strickland on camera.
At the sentencing, the judge ignored black letter Oregon law and said the Mike than to defend himself. (Yes, he could have simply taken the beat down.) But in Oregon there is no duty to retreat from attackers, a reality the hack who sentenced Mike either ignored or is too stupid to know. The judge decreed that Mike had not acted in self-defense. We can only hope and pray that one day “Judge” Thomas Ryan, who had never been more than a public defender before he weaseled a job as a judge, faces a mob of the kind of animals Mike was attacked by.
Mike’s conviction will be appealed. There is a concurrent possibility of a new trial outside *of the appeal process.
The case of Mike Strickland is a terrifying example of what happens when anti-rights, politically driven zealots gain positions of power as DA’s and judges.
This battle is far from over. We want to thank everyone who has contributed so generously to Mike’s defense. Each of you is a hero in your own right.
There will be lots of new legal expenses as we continue to fight this injustice. If you believe that self defense should not be a crime in Oregon and would like to help us fund this case, please consider making a donation here.
Thank you for your commitment to sanity and liberty.