On the *communist holiday of “May Day”*the Oregon Senate passed, on an almost party line vote, the Boquist/Burdick gun grab,*SB 719A. Senator Betsy Johnson was the only Democrat voting “no.” *Boquist was the only Republican voting “yes.” The Democrats*immediately issued a press release calling the vote “non-partisan.”*
Senator Boquist’s floor speech revealed a very different interpretation* of what “due process” is than what we believe.
Under this bill you*get an opportunity to prove your innocence only after you have been punished with the confiscation of your property and the elimination of your rights.
Boquist claimed that “there is a process” for confiscating legally owned Class III items under this bill but neglected to say what it was. When we contacted ATF several weeks ago they said they knew of no such process and one Chief of Police told us he had no idea how this could be done legally.
We want to thank Senators Kim Thatcher, Dennis Linthicum and Alan Olsen for their testimony in opposition to this dangerous bill. We also want to thank Senators Girod and Kruse who along with Thatcher, Linthicum and Olsen approved and distributed a floor letter OFF wrote in opposition.
The bill now moves to the House where will do all we can to derail it. It’s not clear at this point what committee it will be assigned to so please contact all Oregon House members to express your opposition to this assault on your rights.
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