As we told you in a previous alert, gun bills are now moving in both houses.
In the Senate Judiciary Committee, the three bills scheduled to be heard on April 17 at 8am are:* SB 764, SB 797 and SB 868.
We can’t tell you right now what to expect from SB 764 since the committee has announced it will be amended and asked that testimony address the amendments. But, of course, they have not made the proposed amendments public. If they are made public before the hearing, we will let you know.
We strongly oppose the other two bills, SB 797 and SB 868.
Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and express your opposition to these dangerous bills.
A sample message and the contact information for the committee members follow.
Dear Senator,
I strongly oppose SB 797 which gives the Oregon State Police the power to deny a firearm’s transfer, literally forever. Currently the OSP regularly delay or deny firearm’s sales to buyers who are qualified to purchase. In fact, Representative Jennifer Williamson has stated that 95% of firearms transfer delays are in error.
It makes no sense to delay, indefinitely, a transfer to a qualified buyer simply because OSP cannot correctly do their job. This is especially true in cases where the firearms dealer knows the buyer personally and knows he or she is qualified.
I also strongly oppose SB 868. This bill would allow a person to have his rights to own a gun stripped away simply because he bought a firearm or ammunition within the last 180 days!
Most of the behavior*listed in the bill as reasons to take away a person’s firearms are already disqualifiers for firearm ownership but the bill also allows a person to lose his gun rights because of “unlawful and reckless display or brandishing of a firearm..” What exactly is “reckless display or brandishing?”
The bill provides exactly no help for a person who is a danger to themselves and no protection for any family member who is in danger from the person whose rights will be taken. If the person who loses his or her rights is really dangerous, nothing in this bill addresses that danger.
I urge you to vote NO on both these bills.

Senate Judiciary Committee
Senator Floyd Prozanski [email protected]* 503-986-1704*
Senator Kim Thatcher [email protected]***503-986-1713
Senator Michael Dembrow [email protected]* 503-986-1723**
Senator Dennis Linthicum* [email protected] 503-986-1728
Senator James Manning* [email protected] * 503-986-1707

If you prefer you can also send your testimony to the committee to be entered into the record. The address for testimony is:* [email protected]ture.gov

On the same day as those bills are being heard, the House Judiciary Committee will be hearing two bills (at 1pm)* that gun owners should oppose.* HJR 13 would refer a constitutional amendment to the voters. Because of a recent Supreme Court decision, police are generally not allowed to ask a person if he is carrying a gun. This resolution would change that. In its original form the resolution was extremely broad and the sponsor, House Rep Brad Witt, agreed to amend it. But even the “dash 1” amendments would give police the power to question people about gun possession even if they were not engaged in any questionable behavior.
HB 2526, the other bill being heard that day “Directs Department of Justice to establish firearm safety and suicide prevention education program, to create or approve educational materials and to provide educational materials to gun dealers.”*This is an unreasonable demand on gun dealers. Given the massive number of* suicides by drug overdose, we certainly should expect this same requirement of drug stores.* This is simply another effort to demonize firearms. The Department of Justice has no expertise in suicide prevention and is totally unqualified to create programs to prevent it. In the current political climate the potential for this program to be just another taxpayer funded anti-gun effort is massive.
Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote against HJR 13 and HB 2526.
A sample message and their contact info follow:
Dear Representative,
I urge you to vote “NO” on HJR 13 and HB 2526. While I support the intent of HJR 13 and officer safety is very important, even with the “dash 1” amendments the resolution goes to far. Allowing a police officer the power to question me about firearms possession simply because he “stopped” me is overly broad.* I would support a resolution that allowed police to ask about weapons when they had reason to for their safety, but not simply because they stopped me when I had done nothing wrong.
HB 2526 demands that gun dealers act as mental health professionals and disseminate information about suicide simply because a person is attempting to exercise his*Second Amendment rights. The implications are absurd. Why aren’t these same demands being made of drugstore clerks?* Furthermore, HB 2526 requires that the Department of Justice “establish a firearms safety and suicide prevention program.”* The Department of Justice has no expertise in suicide prevention and the potential for this “program” to be turned into a taxpayer funded anti-gun effort is enormous.
Please vote no on HJR 13 and HB 2526.

House Judiciary Committee
Representative Jeff Barker [email protected]*503-986-1428
Representative Andy Olson [email protected]*503-986-1415*
Representative Jennifer Williamson *[email protected]* 503-986-1436
Representative*Chris Gorsek* http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/Gorsek 503-986-1449
Representative*Mitch Greenlick [email protected]*503-986-1433
Representative Ann Lininger [email protected]*503-986-1438
Representative Bill Post [email protected]*503-986-1425
Representative Tawna D. Sanchez [email protected] 503-986-1443
Representative Sherrie Sprenger [email protected]*503-986-1417
Representative Duane A. Stark [email protected]*503-986-1404
Representative Rich Vial* [email protected]* 503-986-1426
If you prefer to you can also send your testimony to the committee to be entered into the record. The address for testimony is: * [email protected]