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Forum Rules
General Rules
General Rules

  1. No SIG spamming: Posting with intent of only to drawing attention to your signature, with either text or an image, will be considered SPAM. This type of spam will generate a warning, second violation will result in a ban. Abuse will not be tolerated.
  2. No spamming of commercial products or services: You are allowed a ONE time announcement of your company as well as ONE additional announcement per product/service you develop/offer after your initial announcement. Ongoing announcements or spamming of your URL is not allowed. Feel free to link your URL in your signatures. We encourage ALL Oregon firearms related business owners to post within these guidelines. National brands my also do the same. Additional exposure is available through our advertising options.
  3. Do not post people's personal information: Posting another persons personal info or attacking their lives or families is a no go. Stick to the issues at hand. This includes posting information that may be available from other public resources. If people want their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc posted here, they can do it themselves.
  4. No excessive harassment or verbal abuse of a single member: Obviously not everybody will get along. Limited back and forth bickering is to be expected but lets keep it somewhat respectful. Verbally abusing each other, "stalking" and "trolling" does not create a friendly environment or much incentive for positive conversation.
  5. No use of racial slurs:
  6. No links to illegal sites: Don't post links to illegal sites. This includes but is not limited to password sharing sites, warez sites, torrents, etc...
  7. No posting images of death, dismemberment, or animal cruelty: Such images will not be permitted and will be removed. Hunting photos are OK, wok seared kitty is not.
  8. No insinuations meant to do harm: Any insinuations made in an attempt to do harm to a person (personal attack) or business, shall be grounds for immediate banning. If you have a legitimate complaint then say it out right and be prepared to back it up.
  9. One username allowed: Fake usernames will be immediately banned. If it is determined that a user has circumvented the banned user terms laid out below and re-registered with a second username to access the board, the user will have the original banned username deleted!
  10. Political Debates: Keep the political discussions in the Politics forum. If threads turn to political debates, they may be relocated to the proper forum.
  11. No copyright infringements: If you want to share content from another site that does not belong to you, please either paraphrase what the content is about or include the first sentence or two then post a link to the original material. Do not post photos or videos that don't belong to you. You may embed things like Flickr photos & YouTube videos.[/B]

Classifieds Rules

  1. ALL items listed in the classifieds must be sold in accordance with State, local, and Federal laws.
  2. NFA items may be posted for sale. Again, refer to rule #1.
  3. Use the appropriate category for the item you're selling. Listings in the wrong category may be moved or deleted without notice.
  4. Commercial businesses may only post in the "Commercial Business" category.
  5. PayPal: While we allow you to use PayPal, it's against their TOS to buy/sell firearms and ammo. Do not use PayPal to pay for items that are prohibited by their service.

Signature Rules

  1. Signatures may contain no more than 3 lines of text.
  2. All text must be default size.
  3. No more than 1 image allowed.
  4. Image size is a maximum of 120x60px unless it's for a site advertiser. You may use the advertisers 468x60px banner in place of the 3 lines of text.
  5. You may link to other forums and businesses in your signature.


A warning may be issued at the moderators discretion. Based on the severity of the offense, the following may be skipped and the offender permanently banned without warning.

Banning schedule is as follows:
1st violation - Banned for 7 days
2nd violation - Banned for 1 month
3rd violation - Strike 3 and you're out!

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For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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