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  1. The Coming Media Snow Job
  2. Here We Go Again
  3. The Busybodies of Corvallis
  4. First Anti-Rights Draft Introduced.
  5. What If Our Clubs and Ranges Stood Up?
  6. The Counties, The Sheriffs and The Coming Gun Fight
  7. Victory in Corvallis
  8. Corvallis “gun ban” back on the agenda
  9. Corvallis Reminder
  10. Let Prozanski’s Lies Begin
  11. It’s Almost Show Time
  12. Pack the house
  13. Victory In Yamhill County
  14. Wheeler County Passes Pro-Gun Ordinance!
  15. Next stop, coos county!
  16. And Now…Douglas County!
  17. Klamath County To Consider 2nd Amendment Resolution
  18. Lane County To Hear 2nd Amendment Resolution!
  19. Lane County Flip Flops, Wasco County Steps Up
  20. Klamath County Passes..Coos Punts..
  21. Wasco County Takes A Stand
  22. 02.07.15 weekend update
  23. More county pro-gun news!
  24. Sherman County Signs Pro-Gun Resolution
  25. Malheur County Calls For Gun Rights Protection
  26. Anti Gunners Desperation Growing
  27. Lead ammo hearing scheduled!
  28. Coos county to hear pro gun-rights resolution
  29. Help Make Columbia County Next
  30. Kitz Is Out, Corvallis Is Back In
  31. Senate “Roadblock” Bill Tomorrow. Act Now!
  32. Curry County To Discuss Pro-Rights Resolution
  33. Jackson County To Hear Pro Gun-Rights Proclaimation
  34. A Busy Day For Gun Rights
  35. Jefferson County On Deck Next Week!
  36. Clackamas Joins Us, Gun Bills Start Moving
  37. Linn County Today, Jefferson Tomorrow? Anti-gun Bill Hearing On Thursday.
  38. Grant And Jefferson On Board. Anti Gun Hearing Tomorrow.
  39. Cities Join Counties, Corvallis Back In The News, SB 385
  40. Myrtle Point Passes Resolution, Tillamook On Deck
  41. Curry County And Tillamook County Pass 2nd Amendment Resolutions
  42. Bill Expands Judges’ Power To Seize Firearms
  43. Josephine County Passes Pro-Rights Resolution
  44. Josephine County…
  45. Deschutes Takes A Dive
  46. Your Efforts Are Paying Off. Lots More To Be Done
  47. Two Pro Rights Victories, And A “Mammothly” Stupid Bill
  48. More gun bills moving. Act now.
  49. Gun Confiscation Bill Heard In Senate Committee Today
  50. Gun Grab Is Flying Through The Legislature!
  51. Gun owner registration bill introduced!
  52. Prozanski Coordinates Anti-Gun Bills With Anti-Gun Groups
  53. Where Are Our Sheriffs?
  54. Gun owner registration update
  55. Sheriffs Start Stepping Up
  56. More Sheriffs Oppose Prozanski/Burdick
  57. Gun Registration Bill Postponed By Pro-Gun Amendment
  58. Update on amendments to anti-gun bill
  59. The Hired Help Goes Rogue
  60. Gun Grab Rammed Through Committee
  61. Update On Prozanski/Hoyle Gun Grab
  62. “I can’t function as a normal human being.”
  63. Another pro-rights city resolution!
  64. Gun Grab Bill Passes Senate
  65. Resistance Mounts, Vultures Circle
  66. Gun grab bill scheduled for this wednesday!
  67. Another Firearm Passes Through A Dangerous Loophole.
  68. Lies Rule The Capitol, Recalls Begin
  69. We Are Very Close
  70. Senate Passes Ivory Ban
  71. Your Rights Are Not A “Loophole.”
  72. Bloomberg Is Buying Your State
  73. Gun Registration Bill Passes
  74. Clown Parade Rolls On
  75. Gun Registration Bill Signed By Unelected Governor
  76. More Gun Bills To Be Heard Tomorrow
  77. Money Well Spent
  78. Idiot Ivory Bill Is Back
  79. Memorial Day, 2015
  80. Legislative Garbage Truck Unloads.
  81. More Gun Bills
  82. Gun Owner Registration Bill Gets Worse
  83. How Do You Amend A “Perfect” Bill?
  84. Democrats Smell Fear And The Republicans Are Fearful
  85. The clown car rolls into salem
  86. More bad news for gun grabbers
  87. Registration Bill Gets Worse
  88. The Backlash Builds
  89. Yamhill Says No To Prozanski and Hoyle
  90. What Will They Screw Up Next?
  91. More Embarrassing Numbers And Another Sheriff Says No
  92. Kate Brown’s Disgraceful Exploitation
  93. We Must Be Doing Something Right
  94. McMinnville Bans Loaded Carry
  95. Bloomberg Shills Scout Oregon Gun Store
  96. Osp collecting data on gun sellers!
  97. Anti-Rights Crazies Amp Up Their Attacks
  98. Setting The Record Straight On Val Hoyle’s Lies
  99. Resistance to 941 grows
  100. Prozanski Recall Turns In Signatures
  101. Another Victory!
  102. Kate Brown Appointee Refuses To Certify Recall Signatures
  103. The Death Of The Gun Lobby
  104. The Latest Attacks On Our Rights
  105. Court declares gun bans “constitutional”
  106. Coos county crushes anti-gun law
  107. Emergency clause frauds
  108. More Proof Of Gun Law Failures
  109. Political Tax Credit. Use It Or Lose It.
  110. Early Start On New Gun Control ?
  111. Republican’s Response Vs Democrat’s Response
  112. Maybe The Most Dangerous Bill Ever
  113. A Mental Health Professional Looks At Mental Illness And Guns
  114. Update on the most dangerous bill
  115. Prozanksi’s Secret Accuser Bill Formally Introduced
  116. The Noose Is Tightening.
  117. Stop The Vendetta Against Gun Owners.
  118. They’re Racing Through More Gun Grabs
  119. Location Change For Soviet Style, Anti-Gun Bill Hearing
  120. Too much, too fast…
  121. We still have time to stop it
  122. Democrats Abandon Victims Of Domestic Violence
  123. Vote Coming On Anti-Gun Bill
  124. Anti-Gun Bill Moved To Tomorrow
  125. Anti-Gun Bill Postponed Again Till Monday
  126. Anti-Gun Bill Passes House (Just Barely)
  127. Don’t Stop Now
  128. They Have Gone Home….
  129. It’s Show Time.
  130. Court Says No Right To Carry Outside Your Home
  131. The Controlled Demolition of Truth and Common Sense.
  132. Republicans Propose Gun Control. NRA Helps
  133. Another Sell Out
  134. Brown Announces Gun Control Plans
  135. Pro-Gun Journalist Faces Felony Counts For Defending Himself
  136. Anti-Constitution Multnomah Judge Wants ALL Guns Banned
  137. Shop at Fred Meyer, Protect Gun Rights
  138. A Crucial Election
  139. The Battles Are Just Beginning.
  140. First anti-gun bill announced.
  141. Val hoyle is back
  142. Bloomberg stooge loses
  143. Let The Games Begin
  144. Kate brown prohibits self defense for state workers
  145. The Charade Continues
  146. 02.22.17 Legislative Update.
  147. The Resurrection of a Very Bad Idea
  148. Bad Idea Becomes A Bad Bill
  149. Good Intentions, Bad Legislation. HJR 13
  150. Call To Action
  151. Anti-Gun Bills Moving In Both Houses
  152. Gun Control Bills Coming Soon
  153. Help Stop The Latest Attack
  154. Prozanski Is Trying To End Lawful Concealed Carry. And It Gets Worse. Act…NOW.
  155. Update on anti-gun bill hearing
  156. Time is running out.
  157. One Bad Bill Dead, One Really Bad Bill Moving.
  158. Boquist/burdick gun grab scheduled for vote
  159. Gun Confiscation Bill Passes Senate. Battle Moves to the House.
  160. Mike Strickland Sentenced
  161. Boquist/Burdick Gun Confiscation Bill Sent To Rules Committee.
  162. They Never Give Up
  163. Late Session Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill Introduced
  164. The Most Dangerous Time
  165. Watch Their Hands
  166. Don’t start celebrating
  167. State Police Confirm Blocking Transfers
  168. Last Chance To Stop The Insanity
  169. Boquist Gun Confiscation Bill Passes
  170. Kate Brown Signs Gun Confiscation Law
  171. Gun Confiscation Battle Begins
  172. Measure Filed To Repeal Gun Confiscation Law
  173. Nra caves again. Repeal effort falls short.
  174. Reciprocity Passes… With a Poison Pill
  175. Protect Your Rights. Vote NO!
  176. First Gun Bills Of 2018
  177. First Anti-Gun Bill Gets Hearing
  178. Take A Stand Against Gun Confiscation Orders
  179. Not Too Late To Take A Stand
  180. Brown’s Confiscation Bill Passes Out Of Committee
  181. Say no to sjm 202
  182. Confiscation Bill Moves to Full House
  183. If You’re Accused, You’re Guilty.
  184. Brown’s Gun Theft Bill Delayed
  185. Gun Confiscation Bill Passes Oregon House
  186. Time Is Almost Up
  187. Bloomberg Brown Confiscation Bill Moves To Senate
  188. Trump Becomes Hillary Clinton
  189. Gun ban ballot measure announced
  190. Anti-Gun Tidal Wave Rolls On
  191. Gun confiscation ballot measure filed. Read it here.
  192. Gun Ban Ballot Measure Update
  193. Bump Stocks And Ballot Measures.
  194. One More Anti-Gun Ballot Measure
  195. Facebook Blocks OFF. Candidate Ratings Available
  196. Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Moves Forward. Pro Rights Rallies Saturday.
  197. Mandatory Lock Up Ballot Measure Moves Forward
  198. Ballot Title For Measure 43 Released.
  199. Second Anti Rights Ballot Measure
  200. Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Updates.
  201. Gun Ban Comments Swamp Secretary of State
  202. Election Results Are In
  203. “Special” Session Starts Monday
  204. Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Gets “Modified” Ballot Title
  205. Gun Lockup Ballot Title Issued
  206. Ballot Title Challenges Filed
  207. Oregon Courts Support Gun Confiscators
  208. Off files challenge to ip 44
  209. Supreme Court Fast Tracks Second Anti-Rights Ballot Measure
  210. One Down….
  211. Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Dead
  212. Firearms Protection Ballot Measure FIled.
  213. Firearms Protection Ballot Measure Petition Sheets Available
  214. Gun Protection Ballot Measure Signatures Turned In!
  215. First Gun Grab Bills For 2019 Announced
  216. Good News On Two Pro Gun Ballot Measures
  217. A Very Dangerous Time
  218. Vote!
  219. Making Americans Felons. One Pen Stroke At A Time
  220. Mike Strickland Update
  221. Trump Makes Thousands Of New Felons.
  222. 20 Rounds A Month.
  223. The Mask Is Off
  224. Portland Public Schools Brainwash Students
  225. Anti-Rights Ballot Measure Filed For 2020
  226. The Republican’s Circular Firing Squad
  227. “Republican” Introduces “Bump-Stock” Ban
  228. Pro-gun legislator silenced
  229. Another Gun Ban Introduced
  230. Magazine Ban Introduced
  231. Concealed Handgun License Holders Under Attack
  232. Pro Rights Rally March 23rd
  233. Gun Safety Bill Scheduled for Hearing
  234. Yamhill County To Consider Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance
  235. Anti Gun Bills Scheduled
  236. Yamhill Shoots Down Second Amendment Ordinance
  237. Anti Gun Frauds. Get Ready.
  238. SB 978 Turns Into Monster Anti-Gun Bill
  239. It’s Coming Down
  240. Anti gun bills moving
  241. Anti-Gun Monday Is Coming
  242. While you were sleeping
  243. SB 978 The Felon Factory
  244. Showtime.
  245. Ready To Rumble?
  246. Omnibus Anti-Gun Bill Sent To Rules Committee
  247. Roblan’s Game
  248. Where We Stand
  249. Republicans Have Had Enough
  250. Senator Knopp Sells Out